The easiest way to collaborate


Founded in 2016, PeekTime is the solution to recurring issues encountered by videoconferencing users. Their expectations are clear: a simple, mobile and secure solution.


PeekTime is a full range of cloud collaboration tools focused on video. It is designed to meet the requirements of remote teamwork. In a complex environment, we intend to provide simple tools to facilitate exchanges, user friendly, so users gain in productivity.


Your employees certainly have their preferences for devices, collaboration solutions (Skype, Lync / S4B, …) or simply any browser as well as places (meeting room, home office, coffee shop, …) : PeekTime is a way to give more freedom to team members and unleash the whole team’s creativity.


PeekTime combines the functionalities of collaboration (video, voice, public chat, desktop sharing and whiteboarding) and it is compatible with all your partners devices and softwares. You can now connect anyone with anything to anything  and just share anytime, anyplace and anywhere provided you are connected to the Internet.