How to make a videoconference call with Peektime

PeekTime supports remote collaboration: it simplifies linking and facilitating information sharing. From your Dashboard, you can plan, organize and send invitations intuitively using our user friendly interface. PeekTime multilinguage support meets international requirements. Today four languages are available, but this is only the beginning.

Meeting Planner

PeekTime user friendly scheduler allows you to plan, organize and send invitations. In three clicks you access to your virtual meeting room.

Join a meeting

PeekTime allows  you to connect up to 12 devices simultaneously.

Anyone can connect to or from Peektime from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or smartphone. Simplicity remains the same, regardless of the device. You can also start video calls to and from your meeting room.

Our collaboration tools

During your online meetings you can alternatively work on a video/voice/chat/desktop sharing or whiteboard/voice/chat modes.
Screen Sharing: You can share your desktop or any specific application window.

Administer your users easily

Easily add and manage users of your organizations. Enjoy powerful statistical reports to understand and optimize your video consumption.

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