We have been working on a new streaming and recording platform and it’s now available.  With this tool, you can follow and broadcast video conferences, as well as record or make screenshots of your video conference. All these features are enabled by our collaborative online tool Peektime.


Our collaborative system Peektime  is the only interoperable video conferencing solution designed for interactive screens. You Just need to plug in a Logitech or any other camera and a speakerphone device compatible with Windows 10 and Google Chrome to our interactive screen and you will be able to start a video conference. The whiteboard to be used alternatively will enable you to run very convenient and user-friendly video conferences.


The collaborative tool Peektime has a wide range of functionalities to run remote video conferences. You can also connect any other participant using a legacy H323/SIP system, Skype for Business or Skype and start.


And from now on you can stream or record on YouTube or Facebook Live with our dedicated platform.


You have planned a meeting and you need a tool for your videoconference?  Discover an easy and user-friendly solution with Peektime. Try it out , it is designed for you !



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