You want to get in contact with several speakers at once and organise remote meetings ? With Peektime Videoconference Solution, it’s easy !

You just need an automatic access to a calender, like Calendly for example.


Calendly, a collaborative Calendar to schedule online meeting

Anyone who wants to meet you online for a video meeting, will simply find out when you are available and in a few clicks book an online video conferencing and receive the relevant connection instructions to get him directly in the virtual meeting room.

This online meeting planning tool is compatible with any browser, or videoconferencing system (Skype for Business and Skype) so that you can manage very easily your sales team.


Peektime offers many convenient and user-friendly functionalities

Make it personal, and allow your customers to see who they will discuss with.

Video is far more powerful than audio only. The shared interface is very user-friendly, pleasant and well designed. It works without registering, and you will be able to send automatic notifications to confirm the scheduling of the remote meeting or to notify your clients about an upcoming meeting.

Your sales team will be able to display content and even, with the PeekTime interactive board, be able to share, annotate and save their contents.

Increase the power of your sales team with PeekTime. You are only limited by your imagination.

Our video collaboration solution helps you to make your team communication easier than ever.

You can Contact us here to plan and design your new workspace for your sales team!

Try the Calendly collaborative appointment planning tool to contact us ! We will discuss about the programming and the design of the new collaborative interface of your team!

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