Creating a Virtual Meeting Room or VMR is easy!


You have Skype for Business in your organization but you realize you are not able to connect anyone but other Skype for Business users. No way to connect a Cisco or a Polycom device or to invite guests. No way to use mobile video mobile. Eventually Skype.

Several solutions of remote collaboration are available on the market, but they require complex configurations and deployments.

With PeekTime, you simply login and create a virtual meeting room or VMR that allow your users to connect Skype for Business to any other device.

Discover our Online video interoperable conferencing solution. for your web meetings and audio conferences.

Just have a look at the video that will reveal you how easy it is to create a VMR

Why choose confcall Peektime service ?

In the coming months, mass deployments will also be possible with SAML and Okta SSO integration.


Stay tuned.

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